Graduate Education for Those Interested in Genetic Counseling Careers

A 12-credit, 4-course program steeped in genetic healthcare counseling.

This 100% online graduate-level counseling program provides you the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to better connect your clinical counseling and helping skills with patients and consumers. Within this online certificate focused on genetic counseling you’ll study the tools and framework needed to:

  • Apply genetic counseling methods and helping skills in a genomics context 
  • Facilitate genetic healthcare discussions that effectively connect on the individual level
  • Develop micro-skills that drive genetic counseling and patient/consumer rapport 
  • Consider how cultural beliefs influence an individual’s approach to health, illness, and treatment via a genetic counseling lens
  • Understand how different social approaches to death, dying, and grief affect people’s healthcare decisions and coincide with pivotal genetic counseling skills

Drive your genetic counseling skills and résumé.

UConn’s online graduate certificate in Clinical Communication and Counseling focused on genetic counseling not only enhances your ability to become a great counselor, it’s also a tool designed to quantify your skills, providing you an official credential, as well as access to a network of genetic counseling centric peers and faculty.

Note: Course credits earned in UConn’s Clinical Communication & Counseling (genetic counseling-focused) certificate may be applied towards UConn’s Genetic Counseling Professional Science Master's Degree.

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester: June 21
Spring Semester: November 10

Apply early to avoid last minute processing delays.


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Application Deadlines

Fall Semester: June 21
Spring Semester: November 10