Is the Clinical Communication & Counseling program for you?

A versatile genetic counseling-focused program with you in mind.

Trained genetic counselor reviewing medical records, assessing patient outcomes within a healthcare practitioner’s office.The Systems Genomics: Clinical Counseling & Communication certificate is focused on genetic counseling and is suited for a wide range of healthcare professionals, as well as students preparing for careers in healthcare or seeking transition to graduate-level study. The program is a particularly good fit if you’re:

  • In a helping profession and want additional education on supporting patients/consumers during crucial genetics-driven discussions;
  • Making a career switch and seeking a broad understanding of health communication and consumer support;
  • Looking to be competitive, fulfill requirements, or earn prerequisites for application to a master’s or doctoral degree program related to:
    • Clinical Genetics
    • Genetic Counseling
    • Genomics Counseling
    • Healthcare Communication
    • Public Health
    • Health Advocacy
    • Medicine
    • Therapy Genetics
    • Health Care Culture
    • And many other related fields.