Clinical Communication & Counseling Certificate FAQs

What is the minimum GPA to apply?

  • A cumulative grade-point average of 3.0 for your entire undergraduate career, or
  • A grade-point average of at least 3.0 for your last two undergraduate years, or
  • Exceptional work in your entire final undergraduate career (3.5 or better), or
  • Graduate work with a minimum grade-point average of 3.0 or better.

If your GPA differs from the requirements above, please contact us as there may be other opportunities available.

Do I need to take the GREs?

The Systems Genomics: Clinical Communication & Counseling Online Graduate Certificate Program does NOT require the GREs. If you are concerned about your cumulative grade-point-average, you might consider completing the GREs.

What is the application deadline?

The requested deadline for applications for admission varies depending on the semester and year. Applications are accepted for the spring and fall semesters. Applicants are encouraged to file the application for admission several months in advance of the first (1st) semester of coursework. In no case will applications for admission to a particular semester be accepted after the first (1st) day of classes in that semester. All credentials, including official transcripts covering all undergraduate and graduate work taken up to the time of application, as well as the non-refundable processing fee, must also have been received by deadline date. Please visit the How to Apply Page for more information. 

How much does the online certificate cost?

Students taking courses in the Systems Genomics: Clinical Communication & Counseling Online Graduate Certificate program pay a comprehensive fee per credit. Visit the Program Fees Page for more information.

What do I need to apply?

Required application materials include:

  • Transcripts - All undergraduate and graduate courses
  • Brief Personal Statement
    • This should include the reasons for undertaking graduate work, the student’s ultimate plans, and how they happened to select their desired field. Details about a student’s preparation, strengths and weaknesses as a student, any academic honors, scholarships, or fellowships received, will all be helpful.
  • Students who are not a native speaker of English must submit evidence of proficiency in the English language. Please visit the Graduate School’s website for more information.

I have a high GPA. Am I guaranteed admission?

Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. Applicants must show promise of superior achievement and must have specific preparation for the course of study they wish to undertake. If their records indicate deficiencies, applicants may be refused admission or required either to take background courses without graduate credit or to demonstrate that they have acquired the requisite knowledge or skills for graduate study. In addition, since this graduate program has a limited number of places, the successful applicant must have a record competitive with those of other applicants in the same field.

Are there specific class pre-requisites needed to apply?

Although there are no specific classes required to apply, this is a graduate-level program and thus an adequately prepared applicant will have typically completed undergraduate courses in biology and/or genetics. Other relevant science classes include molecular biology, biochemistry and cell biology.

Do I need healthcare experience to apply?

No, however it is expected that at minimum the applicant will have researched the field of clinical genetics by either job shadowing, interviewing those working in the field, reviewing relevant websites, etc. Observations, training, or research in genetics, whether in a clinical setting, a diagnostic testing facility or in an academic/private laboratory is a positive factor during applicant review.

How do I submit my application?

All applications for graduate study at UConn must be submitted using an online application system. You will be asked to provide a valid credit card for payment of the electronic application fee ($75) when you submit your application.

How many credits do I have to take each semester?

Students enrolled in the Systems Genomics: Clinical Communication & Counseling Online Graduate Certificate Program will typically take two courses per semester, for a total of 6 credits. They are taken one at a time and for 7 weeks each. The entire program is 12 credits.

Do I have to keep a minimum GPA to stay in the program?

Maintenance of good academic standing in The Graduate School requires a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or higher at all times while enrolled in this graduate program.

Can I enroll in another degree program while enrolled in the certificate program?

Ordinarily, a student is granted admission to pursue graduate study in one (1) field at a time.

What type of job can I get with the certificate?

Graduates of the Genomics Communication & Counseling online graduate certificate program are poised for success in a variety of settings depending on prior experience, location, skill set, current employment, etc. For example, if you work within a helping profession and require the skills to provide support within the decision making process, this could be an excellent program for you. For students interested in medical genetics or genetic counseling advanced degrees, this genetic counseling-based certificate could be highly advantageous during the application process for those particular graduate programs. This certificate neither substitutes for, nor leads to, being board certified as a genetic counselor (ABGC) or clinical geneticist (ABMG).

Is UConn an accredited institution?

The University of Connecticut (UConn) is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. However, completion of this certificate does not lead to becoming board certified as a genetic counselor (ABGC) or clinical geneticist (ABMG). Further education is required for certification; this certificate is designed to facilitate exploration of Genetic Counseling practice, as well as to develop enhanced skills helpful when applying to genetic counseling advanced degree programs.